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Sustainability | Importação e Exportação

Braver has faith in the sustainability as a corporate guideline. We are pioneering in applying the sustainability concept to foreign trade projects. Our goal is to spread this concept worldwide and turn it into an international business standard.

To be part of our pool of Official Partners, suppliers and services provider are submitted to a selection process that includes ethical, legal, labor and social responsibility assessments. Even after being accredited, our partners go through periodic evaluations on performance, quality and accountability. This way, we ensure the entire chain complies with our corporate excellence practices.




We also get involved in multiples Social Actions.
Below, we have listed some of them:

  • Give out free books in public areas;
  • Give out toys for children in christian communities;
  • Give out clothes to Welfare state (in several towns) and related institutions;
  • Give out food and diapers for orphanages, shelters and related institutions;

In addition to this actions, Braver supports many institutions and actions towards a fair and sustainable world. For this reason, your collaboration is essential for strengthen even more these actions. Recycle, save energy and water. Avoid pollution (noise, visual, water), report discharges of wastewaters (domestic, commercial and industrial) in unauthorized areas; be an active citizen. Take Action! Be supportive of social projects, institutions and NGOs, because to live in a better world depends on our individual actions! Consider that, for change the world we need to start with ourselves!


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