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Do you know a bit about Braver?

fornecedorLike any serious company, sustainable practices are part of our business, and we believe that it should be seen as a business requirement. We develop social actions on multiple fronts and we rely on the community and our business partners to do even more.

Braver has been seeking for business partners around the world.
Share with us your talent and skills! We are sincerely interested in hear you, and understand your business.

The admission stage for suppliers and service providers follows an international standard of quality. Among the rules to become a business partner of Braver, are the fulfillment of 7 (seven) essential topics which are listed below:


1.    TAX ID active with no restrictions in the Department of Federal Revenue of Brazil;
2.    TAX ID with no history of lawsuits that violates the management order (mismanagement; tax irregularity, high rate of employment litigation);
3.    To present good working condition, referring to:
3.1  Facilities
3.2  Salary and benefits (according to the market);
3.3  Career Planning;
4.    To be engaged in at least one Social Project and prove its active participation;
5.    To support/to use sustainable techniques in its activities;
6.    To be against child labour exploitation and support/prove this position;
7.    To carry out actions for community assistance, at least annually.


Whenever we have identified companies with an interesting business potential, is part of our business to develop them to comply these 7 (seven) requirements. Once developed, it becomes officially a Braver Business Partner.

Do you know a bit about Braver?

Thus, if you believe in our values and want to join our team of partners, please contact us:

Email: braver@braver.com.br

Let us hear from you, so we may better understand your business.

If you believe in our spirit, share Braver


Braver believes and supports, directly, through its actions, a fairer, equitable, sustainable and respectful world, where people may be born, grow and live with dignity, education and justice. A portion of this desire to change the world is reflected in our Business Commitment:

To set up, in each person, the need of thinking and acting sustainably. To foster respect and inclusive actions globally to enrich diversity. To encourage the pursuit of knowledge in all its spheres. To dare and promote businesses able to generate growth and development worldwide.