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Corporate Profile

Braver is a world class Brazilian company specialized in foreign trade and international affairs. We offer high quality premium nutrition and wellness products such as organics, lyophilized, dehydrated, dry extracts, teas, medicinal herbs and propolis all over the world.

We manage alternative solutions to many industrial sectors such as specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, works of art, renewable energies, textiles, high-tech machinery and equipment and engineering solutions (mainly to naval, aeronautics and mining).

We also offer strategic international assistance on import and export of products and services, foreign trade operations, rules of origin, trade agreements, import tax optimization, AEO - authorized economic operator, logistics engineering (we make use of engineering techniques to make logistics decisions), ex-tariff projects, drawback, bonded warehousing and much more.




Our Mission: To project Brazil image overseas by developing and structuring international business capable of disseminate an exporting awareness in every businessperson, creating jobs, incomes and development in organizations, communities and country.


Our Vision:

  • To be the absolute leader developing new business overseas 
  • To be the top of mind on business community, regarding international projects 
  • To be the best company in the country to carve out a career 
  • To be globally recognized for quality and reliability in high value-added services via intellectual capital.


Our Values:

  • Leadership
  • Ethics
  • AddedValue
  • Development
  • Eco-friendly
  • Responsibility .


Our Commitment:

  • To set up, in each person, the need of thinking and acting sustainably
  • To foster respect and inclusive actions globally to enrich diversity
  • To encourage the pursuit of knowledge in all its spheres
  • To dare and promote businesses able to generate growth and development worldwide.



Braver is organized in three important management columns:

  • The Commercial and Sustainability Board is responsible for seeking business opportunities around the world, in which it can operate on services, products, management, counseling, organizing, representation, intelligence, and/or international projects. It also attends its clients in a customized way, and pursues the commercial development of the organization in a global level.

    The sustainability strategies are concentrated in here, and are applied in every organization action. Also, development, suitability and auditing of our business partners (service providers and suppliers) are managed by the Commercial Board.
  • The International Projects Board comprises the key of every single project, either national or international. It is responsible for the International Advanced Studies and Applied Researches that Braver has been carrying out. Based on this researches, we could evaluate the economic and financial feasibility of each new project.

    Here, we carried out studies for every stage of the projects, from assessments on technical and financial capabilities, to economical, political, administrative and legal scenarios involved in. It is the Strategic Board that guides the management to decision-making
  • The Operational Board develops and manages the best logistics choices (international or national) to each international project. Also, the technical definition of logistics business partners comes from here, as well as the international tax analysis, deadlines, logistics risks, bidding systems, customs procedures, supply chain integration and door to door management of import and export processes.


This three columns are carefully managed by an Executive Management (CEO).

The Chief Executive Officer - CEO is the highest-ranking executive of Braver, he is responsible for manages and designs international projects, prospects new markets through commercial strategies (local and international), manages the brand, defines sustainable applied goals, develops information technology, and also, he is in charge of manages the marketing, financial/accounting, taxation, intellectual capital and legal resources.

CEO drives corporate projects such as the Braver Talent Acquisition, also the public relations, foreign affairs and investors relations. Systematically, seeks for rentable business opportunities overseas (core business) as all the executives in the Board of Directors. It ensures the business health in all its aspects, globally managing actions of Braver.

This Board allows us to act with excellence at all stages of the process, ensuring smarter and integrated international projects (our projects follow international quality standards). Also, our management is driven by a corporate excellence. Braver is ready to develop networking in all business segments.


We are strongly committed to revolutionize and generate development - without borders - through our pioneering in the sustainable international trade. Click here and talk to us. Our team will be glad to assist you.


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