Wood pellets have been used in Europe and the United States since 1930. The first time that wood pellets appeared on the world stage was to solve the oil crisis in the late 70s in North America. The rise in fossil fuel prices has pressured the search for sustainable energy alternatives for industrial and commercial heating. In this context, Brazil figures as a potencial exporter of quality wood pellets due to its favorable geographic and climatic conditions, and it is on rise.

In Europe, the wood pellet industry emerged in Sweden, where the first company dedicated to the topic began production in 1982. From 1990 onwards, however, with the pressure for the use of renewable energy sources, coming from countries like Germany, Austria, Holland, Denmark and Italy, there was a considerable increase in the international production of wood pellets, mainly due to European consumption. Currently, Europe, Canada and the United States use wood pellets for industrial and residential thermal energy generation.

Wood pellets are produced from plant biomass, that is, from the cleaning of forests and wood industry residues. Even sugarcane bagasse can be used as raw material. In this sense, the production of wood pellets is ecological and sustainable and the final product can offer high calorific value (more than twice as much as firewood and charcoal), low humidity, low smoke and high yield.

Global biomass consumption is expected to grow in the range of 200% to 300% by 2025. Although statistics continue to point to Europe as the main consumer market, Asia is expected to position itself as an exponential consumer.

Latin America is not only able to cover a large part of the domestic demand for thermal energy, with the production of wood pellets, but also to be a relevant global supplier, due to its favorable geographic and climatic conditions.

Braver is a specialist in alternative solutions for different industrial sectors. Our professionals have an eye on renewable energy and bet on biomass as a sustainable source of energy. We supply A1 Enplus certified wood pellets from Brazilian manufacturers on regular basis. If you demand to import wood pellets from Brazil, talk to our team.


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