Pfaffia glomerata is a medicinal plant largely used as an adaptogenic herb for many aliments. It is also applied in several other sectors such as biotechnology, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.  The adaptogenic action is attributed to the anabolic agent, beta-ecdysterone (β-ecdysone), as well as three new ecdysteroid glycosides, which are found in high amounts in Pfaffia glomerata roots. The root of Pfaffia also contains about 11% saponins. These saponins include a group of novel chemicals called pfaffosides as well as pfaffic acids, glycosides, and nortriperpenes. These saponins have clinically demonstrated the ability to inhibit cultured tumor cell melanomas and to help regulating blood sugar levels. Brazil is considered the greatest exporter of Pfaffia glomerata in the world. Due to the morphological similarity of its roots to those of Panax ginseng (Korean ginseng), the species became known as the Brazilian ginseng, but it is also known as fafia, suma, corango, paratudo.

Most of the pharmacological studies on Brazilian ginseng have been done in Japan. The results also lead to the possibility of investigating the potential of the species in the research of prospective compounds for cancer treatment and for isolation of biologically active substances.

Braver is a world-class foreign trade company, based in Sao Paulo, responsible for the internationalization (of most) of the high-quality Pfaffia glomerata professionally produced in the country.

Braver exports Pfaffia glomerata (the Brazilian ginseng) and manages logistics and customs procedures door to door. Our factory in Brazil is specialized in cultivating and processing Pfaffia glomerata exclusively, what makes us real experts.

The β-ecdysone percentage in Pfaffia glomerata powder has also been standardized to improve the experience of industrial consumers while manufacturing/processing it. It guarantees to the most demanding markets all over the world, the highest quality control and safety.

Interested companies are welcome to visit our farm as well as the high-tech industrial plant, both located in the South region of Brazil. Samples are available upon request.

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