Essential in the formulation of foreign trade public policies, these professionals are able to foster internationalization, competitiveness and the exchange of ideas, products and services. Primary factors for the development and creation of employment and income in any country. Foreign trade policies are complex because they directly affect the economy and people’s expectations for the future. Grounded in long term basis, foreign trade public policies reflect on industry, trade, services, and reverberate in foreign exchange, infrastructure, customs and regulatory administration, fiscal policies, compliance, and in the international affairs.

Valuable in building global business strategies, in the private sphere, they are also helping companies of different sizes and capital structures, to analyze conjunctures and understand when, how and where to start a journey abroad. They can participate from the construction of concepts, brands, products and services for certain markets, to the financial, exchange, logistics, customs and operational management of already established international business. The technicality of daily tasks and a language difficult for outsiders to interpret, give an additional degree of specialization to Foreign Trade Professionals.

Augmented reality, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain. How can all this mathematization impact the career of a Foreign Trade Professional?

The Bachelor of Foreign Trade is naturally restless, curious, persuasive and needs a comprehensive world view to pursue different economic sectors around the world. A notebook, a mobile phone and good political, economic, legal, social and administrative baggage give seniority and greater security to the journey.

Languages, a smiling face for long journeys, and a willingness to earn the trust of different cultures are primary characteristics for any businesspeople in this area. What differentiates a professional, perhaps, is its ability to contextualize, adapt to scenarios that can be quite turbulent and its behavior – expected to be diplomatic, in the face of the unexpected.

Analytical in the evaluation of rules of origin, in the decoupling of trade agreements, and in the deciphering of business conjunctures. Expansive in communication, positioning and promotion of ideas, products and services. Precise in the risk mitigation and process management. Timeless characteristics that must accompany a professional of excellence throughout its career.

In this context, technology is an irreversible and most welcome ally.

  • Through artificial intelligence, for example, it is already possible to identify business opportunities anywhere in the world, in record time and with technical accuracy.
  • The blockchain is transforming the time invested in managing international contracts, reducing bilateral conflicts and ensuring compliance in operations.
  • Big data offers the possibility of statistical deepening and understanding of international marketing scenarios, eliminating amateurish decisions.
  • Augmented reality seems to be a good alternative for logistics management, especially for handling, storage, planning and cargo transportation. Imagine that the display of a smart goggle could indicate the next pallet to be loaded and where the operator should position it inside a vehicle or warehouse, improving productivity.

The market for a Foreign Trade Professional is wide and, therefore, has always been on the rise. For those who breathe international trade and decide to inspire, transform people and connect ideas every day, science is an important partner in the pursuit of optimization, excellence and sustainability.

It is essential that, in addition to the application of mathematical techniques, deeply embedded in each of these technologies, Foreign Trade Executives take advantage of these movements to strengthen their interdisciplinary abilities.


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